Nikima Henry

Hello! My name is Nikima Henry and I am a born and raised New Yorker.  When I moved to Colorado with my partner of 8 years - neither he nor I had been to Colorado before. While we had planned for the move eventually, life doesn't always happen the way you plan and I ended up having two weeks to pack up and say goodbye to family and friends. I made the drive from NY to Colorado in two days and wow, what an adventure it has been since! While I will always love NY, Colorado has my heart now. I am excited to continue to put down roots and eventually raise a family here. We bought our first home with 8z and when I started my real estate career, I knew I wanted it to be with 8z. Today, as a proud member of the 8z family, I strive to emulate the same values I was treated with during my home purchase - hard work, transparency, and outstanding customer service. Whether you are going through that first-time home buyer process or a seasoned seller, I can't wait to help you find your perfect home!  

In my free time, I enjoy trying out new recipes, fishing, enjoying the water, reading a good mystery, trying to train my polydactyl cat, Hazel, getting competitive in any board game and exploring all that Colorado has to offer. I love to partake in morning yoga as well. Please reach out with any questions you may have and I look forward to working with you!